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we the team at MyFnO have been here since the inception of derivatives trading in Indian Stock Markets and have virtually seen it all.

Our product MyFnO has evolved over 10+years in features and richness and has become a rock solid tool for a majority of derivative analysts across 80+ institutions and now tons of individual traders are joining the fan club and using myfno to build their knowledge & enhance their trading skills.

Unlike other softwares which just give technicals, we specialize be adding in the power of F&O data to give a complete picture of the real action happening behind the market movements.

all-in-one F&O data
all-in-one F&O data
  • price (duh! every one gives this !)
  • volume (with D/W/M and ‘X’ min %changes /spikes)
  • open interest (oi breakup of near/next/far months)
  • IV (aggregated imp. volatility of calls/puts )
  • PCR (putcall ratio of oi/vol/iv)
  • basis (premium/discount/cost-of-carry)
  • rollover (with roll cost)
  • delivery ( across exchanges combined)
  • historical data/ trends of the above

all in an easy to use, anywhere, anytime, anydevice ALL-IN-ONE platform ! 

don’t know if you can find anywhere else 🙂

We have always endeavoured to build a tool which we would really want to use. Its as simple as that.

If we’re not our first customer, no one else will be !

you can test-drive our product NOW on www.myfno.com and SEE the DIFFerence for your self .


F&O tools under one roof -->
F&O tools under one roof –>


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