Tweeting stock picks … using simple FnO tricks

Hi there !

Over the last month the markets have seemed to be turning up. And we’ve been trying to do some stock picks of late using simple F&O data analysis with no rocket science :). We have been tweeting these stock picks on,  and oh boy ! are we happy or what –> 8 out of last 10 picks given nice returns.

Just thought we should share these ideas with the myfno community & look forward to your views so we can all build F&O knowledge along the way

If you’ve been following us on twitter, hope you would have liked the below stock picks , if not, there should be more to come to choose from 🙂 Wish us luck !

Just to reiterate & to add a disclaimer here –> we love to design & build great softwares & are NOT in the business of stock recommendation / advisory. We are doing this stock picking purely at a goodwill and to showcase what the power of F&O data could do. 

Latest pick –>

lets see where it can go
now lets see where it can go from here








7 thoughts on “Tweeting stock picks … using simple FnO tricks

  1. I don’t understand how OI reducing actually increases the price of stock. Based on demand and supply theory if people buy then price goes up, but here when people sell the price goes up. How is that?
    Also all your analysis is on a yearly chart. Is there something about the yearly charts which tells the story?

    • OI is something on both sides long & short .. so if it is very high because of shorts buildup .. & they cannot sustain the high position levels .. they will start covering themselves & so price goes up

      • Thanks. Understood. I must say this is a brilliant product and there should be more videos made to show how one can benefit using various graphs and statistics.

  2. thanks a lot for the appreciation
    we intend to start webinars this year
    you can take a look at this video on how to use F&O data to pick stocks –>

  3. Thanks.
    That’s good news.
    I would be eagerly waiting to register for the webinar.
    Alternatively I am in mumbai now for a month, if it was possible to arrange a session would be fantastic.
    Do let me know.

  4. Hi Anuraag, Would you be able to add Quarterly results on to the charts as well. This would be a future date. So when someone selects OI, Price, Volume & Result date. This could give some idea of the results. I have noticed some stocks start falling way before their results are declared. Specially when they have low performance and vise versa.

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