Powerful Alerts – F&O + Technicals in one screen !

We’ve now built a powerful yet simple ALERTS screen in myfno.com (under the ‘INFO’ menu) where you can get important alerts of F&O indicators +  Technical signals together in one screen during the live market also 🙂

  1. High/Lows (day/week/month/year) for F&O data like
    Price,  OI (Open Interest) , IV,  Basis,  Rollovers
  2. Volume spikes , bulk deals in futures/options
  3. Long/Short buildups
  4. Rankings changes,
  5. Technical signals –  MACD / Stochastic / RSI  etc.
  6. Candles – ( buy /sell patterns )
  7. Moving averagecrossovers /breakdowns )
  8. Trend reversals ( small/medium/long term)
  9. Pivot levels cross ( support/resistance levels)
  10. VWAP levels (above/below cross)


You can see these alerts filtered for any scripgroup/sector/watchlist

You can also show alerts just for Stock only (summarized F&O data of all 3 month contracts) or even individual contracts of Futures / Calls / PUts by pressing their respective underlined letters or choosing under the ‘Show’ menu

You can also customize your view to just show your specific set of alert categories.  This can be done by clicking the  + / –  buttons besides the category header to add/remove 5 rows at a time. and then you can save this view for re-use

Finally, you also have the power to do a quick find in the ‘find box’ by typing words to match in the set of alerts displayed eg.

  • you can type ‘year‘ to display only yearly high lows or
  • you can type a symbol say ‘ACC‘ to see all recent alerts of this stock or
  • type ‘cross’  to see all crossovers