How to find a buy today, sell tomorrow stock

We may have all heard people saying that maximum money is made in the first few minutes or the last few minutes of trade. But how to identify such opportunities and scan for this kind of high price/volume/oi action one needs the right tools and the keen insight to read such info.

In we have created one such critical tool that can help you in just this.

In our app, you can actually see the %CHANGE in price/volume/oi between any custom time frame / interval.

So if in the last 15 minutes of trading session, if we set this %chg parameter to say 5 minutes from the interval menu as shown in the pic, then we can precisely see any action happening in just that last X minutes chosen, so any sharp price/volume/oi spikes are visible & can be used as a base to identify the high %chg stocks.

Essentially we can identify where positions are being taken at the end of the day by the ‘smart traders’ for selling the next day ( BTST – buy today , sell tomorrow )

Now these 5/10 min %chg we can see in many screens like

  • Markets
  • HeatMap
  • AdvanceDecline
  • Futures

I personally like to see the AdvanceDecline screen in because besides the %chg, it also groups the stocks sectorwise, so i can see if the whole sector is also where the ‘smart money’ is moving in.

How to identify and what to look out for i’ve explained in this selfie – self explanatory one-page pic 🙂

finding a buy today sell tomorrow stock

some more candidates we identified with this funda so you could get a better idea of how to use this with more examples –>

buy today sell tomorrow examples

We have created a readymade template for you to see price/oi/vol in advancedecline in a 10 min timeframe. Members can Just click on this link to see it live in action –>

17 thoughts on “How to find a buy today, sell tomorrow stock

  1. Dear Sir,
    Many thanks for yr tips.I m trying to study and learn. However, I find it difficult rather getting confused. I would appreciate if you create a single chart wherein all the indicators/parameters/variables (viz oi, pcr, vol, price etc) are merged
    or super imposed so that one can take decision of buying/selling of put/ calls.
    Simlarly yr tips regarding finding btst stocks by studying charts in the last 15 min of trading day when longs are building up with spikes in vol, iv and price rise (as in case of M&M,Tatas hem, Asian paints) what should be the strategy. To buy or sell the option.kindly advise.

    • Hi
      in the post FnO Indicators – how to read in between their lines we have also given a pic (2nd one) where all the F&O indicators are combined in one chart

      as for BTST, for long buildups / short-coverings happening in the day end.. you could either buy the future or ideally if there is liquidity in options.. buy an ATM or ITM call which would have 3 benefits ->

      1. lesser margin
      2. minimal stop loss (since options fall slower than future and have a limited loss
      3. and if price goes up, an ITM/ATM has high delat so goes up almost 70-80% of future rise
      4. since you are taking position for just 1 day , there is very little time-erosion of premium value, so no problem on that

      likewise for Short buildup /sell candidates, you could go in for Long Puts

    • MCDOWELL up 1.5% INR33 *125 lotsize .. profit of 4K
      TATACHEM up 0.8% profit of around 4k
      all these in first few minutes of trade.. .. one could also book profits early and not worry about whole day’s proceedings

  2. Hi Anuraag,

    I am using myfno since the last 4 months and found that features are quite interesting as well as your blog. Could you guide me how i can utilize myfno for intraday trading as i am not able to do so ? Could you design such a easy module for intraday trading?

  3. Hi Anuraag,

    Thanks! Should i also watch for technical in charts segment? Is it possible to generate 3,5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 days SMA and EMA in a tabular form by using myFno platform ?

    • hi
      as of now you can see multiple SMAs and EMAs (even 10+ in nos) in technicals / charts… but not in a tabular form as of now… will take this as a feature request 🙂

  4. Hi Anurag,

    I have tried checking with the link of 10min you have provided. However, I am not able to see the %chg in the last 10 min. I am only able to see the whole day’s chg% in price and volume.

    Is the link you have provided applicable to only a select customers like Gold or Platinum? I am silver package member.

  5. Amazing Data Structure and super fine colour combination. I think on all the things you have done a tough research then implemented. Thank you for giving us a sophisticated tool. For me its a good learning then earning tool…earning later…

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