FnO Indicators – how to read in between their lines

MyFnO specializes in F&O data / indicators and it is for a reason.

These parameters add that extra edge into chart reading and can signal important trigger points for a trend change

the definitions of F&O indicators we’ve already laid out in our post on our post–>
F&O data … the basic fundas

and how best to make use of these F&O indicators is best laid out with some examples in our  one-page pic –> selfie’ explainatory 🙂

( click image below to zoom into image –> )



you can see all these parameters combined in the ‘charts’ module also –>

F&O indicators in one chart!



you can also see them one by one overlayed in the ‘trends’ module–>

Open Interest

Implied Volatility

PutCall Ratio



Rollover Cost





17 thoughts on “FnO Indicators – how to read in between their lines

  1. dont know how effective it is, as NSEINDIA updates open interest every 3 minutes (correct me if i am wrong). so if you use these kind of studies in first or last 10-15mins to get the edge, you get the picture which is running 3 minutes late. in fact for BTST/STBT its even riskier to take positions. the concept is good and used where open interest is updated on RT basis just like in mcx or other foreign exchanges!

    also, irrespective of time during trading hours, multiple position adjustments in fno/cash along with cross exchange trades take place. so i was wondering the viability of this study!

    please clear my doubts & confusion and help in this regard!

    • Nse updates open interest 3 minutes right … but what we need to look out for are spikes in price and volume… as for oi you should generally lookout for a rising or falling trend and it’s relative levels during that session which helps in confirming a long or short buildup.
      Also no concept is full proof and you must use your discretion in taking a call. Best is to paper trade with these fundas for some data and fine tune your own timings and strategies until you’re confident yourself 🙂

  2. Joined back myfno after a span of 6 months…you data provided is awesome and the blog is a great study..must say i have made some money after i joined myfno thank you Anuraag

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