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    • there is already a lot of articles on greeks on the internet so we did not write one specifically .. you can check out zerodha varsity .. thats got good resources too

  1. Sir, your charts are being hosted on the Money There is no link of your website. Please compulsory the user or make a chart with link so that the person (pers) who is analysing the chart will visit (vis) your website which will increase your revenue. Also while on tweeter sharing your charts please mentioned the link for vis your site. Also write a note to user/watching pers to “Please re-tweet/share” because if you tell the pers, then when they find it useful then he will surely re-tweet because every pers only seeing then they dont keep in mind/mind doesnt strike to Re-tweet, therefore please do three work to excel the revenue of your site :-

    1. Mention link MyFno in every chart – This will encourage the pers to vis your site by clicking link.
    2. Mention “Please Re-tweet” on every chart you providing on tweeter – This will incr fan following Site.
    3. Compulsory to user of chart sharing on Money Control to mention the link of your site – This will
    incr in Numbers of visitor vis your site and surely incr revenue of your site. Then please given me
    discount (Just jocking). I am a learner, just lock down skills improvement programme for me.

    Thank you,

    Your well wisher….

  2. For nifty/banknifty, I am looking for a Strike wise line charts of Price, IV & Change-in-OI on intraday basis for both Call & Put on each expiry. Is it available in myfno tool?

  3. am new login under free trial as of today. is the future and OI data live .?
    if yes under which subscription plan.
    2) is there a write up on how to use the site and its features

    currently 1 day trial to short to comprehend the features to take a decision as little explanation is there …eg what is basis and basis% in futures. have several such queries need a week to get aquainted to site and its usefulness to me before subscribing.

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